Terms & Conditions

Last Update: 20 March 2022

Terms of the provider, payment, contract period/termination:

First of all We would like to mention that, we (hosttier) keep right to editdify the term of services, last edit date will be mentioned below the content.

Delivery of Services

All of our Services comes with instant delivery, but in vps it may take up to 12 hours to deliver, and 24-72 hours for dedicated server. If you think the Delivery of your service are taking longer than you expected then please contact to our support team, We, have 24/7/365 Support team available for you.

Resource usage

1) Unlimited Bandwidth

Some of our packages has unlimited bandwidth. There is nothing available in earth called unlimited but the question is how we’re providing unlimited bandwidth, Right?
Actually we have some policy in this particular thing,

You can over usage this bandwidth by hosting file download site, video streaming site. And you’re not available to use this hosting as a ftp server.

if we found your hosting is breaking our rule, we’ve to immediately suspend your service.

2) Storage / CPU / RAM Usage

You’re able to use 100% of your storage but there is some limitation

i. You can make this hosting as a file server.
ii. You can’t host a video steaming site.
iii. You can’t use this a ftp server.
iv. You can’t abuse the storage by hosting extra large file which should not be there.

if we found you’re abusing our rule, we’ve to immediately suspend your service.

CPU / RAM Usage

On our Shared Hosting you can use full of our cpu/ram. But you can’t peak this for longer than 15 minutes (over 80%). That is against our Rule, and we’re very strict against abusing.

VPS/Dedicated Resource usage

In VPS or dedicated hosting you’re available to use all fo your resources, but we have bandwidth limitation on all of our VPS/Dedicated Hosting, You’ve to Be careful about that.

Copyright Infringement Policy

You can't host any site who has any copyrighted Content. Especially Movie site, Adult Site Etc. If we found any Copyright Complaint againts your website your Service will be Suspended and Can be terminated.

Which Type of Sites do We Stricly Prohibit?

i. Adult Website.
ii. Gambling Website.
iii. Movie Website.
iv. Any type of Illegal Website which is against of the rules of any country's government.

Refund Policy

We have 7 Days moneyback guarantee, But you’ve to have a valid reason for cancelling your service and get the Refund.

Refund are not available for domains, ssl sertificates, and any kind of product which is provided by third party.
COMBO Hosting Plan + .COM/XYZ Packages are non-refundable.

Digital Payment Getway Fees (3%)

All of Your Invoice has extra 3% Gateway charge. Which is excluded form the Main Price.

Domain Transfer/Moving

You can buy many domain at promo offer price at Hosttier, but by purchasing our official promo price domain you will not be able to request transfer/push move to your own reseller. We will take this attempt as our domain offer abuse.