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1. Log into your cpanel account.

2. In the "Software" section, click on "Softaculous App Installer" Icon.

cpanel will redirect you to the Softaculous Panel.

. On the left side of your screen you should locate the "Portal/CMS" category. Click on it and then. "Drupal" link that will appear.

5.. "Install" babies.

6. Fill the necessary field under the "Software Setup" field:
  • Choose the version you want to install: Leave this as it is.
    Choose Protocol: You can leave this as it is.
  • Choose Domain: If you don't have multiple domains, leave this as it is.
  • In Directory: If you want to install this in a directory, for example, enter the directory name. Otherwise, leave this blank to install in your main domain
  • Cronjob: You can leave this as it is.

7. Under the "Site Settings" field:
Site Name: Enter the name of your website, such as "my first website".

8. Under the "Admin Account" field enter the following information:
  • Admin Username: Your new Drupal username (for security reason do not use the "Administrator" or the "Admin" username.
  • Admin Password: Use a strong password.
  • Admin Email: Your e-mail address.

Note: Copy the admin username and password on a notepad because you will need these login details to access the admin area of your Drupal Website.

9. Advanced Options: Leave this as it is, unless you want to change the database name or take an automated backup. Please note that taking frequent backups may take a lot of disk space.

Finally, scroll down to the end of page and. Install babies.

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